Non-verbal messages speak loudly

I was thinking about my post last week, “Contrasting Styles,” that identified the different leadership behaviors displayed by Rick Pitino and Mike Brey in the 5 overtime basketball game between Louisville and Notre Dame. I realized something that may have been obvious to you all along. I could not hear one word that either coach was saying. I was hundreds of miles away watching the game on television. Yet, I could feel the negativity coming from Pitino and the excitement from Brey. Every emotion I felt, came purely from watching the behaviors of each coach. I could see Pitino’s frustration and aggravation in his facial expressions and body language. Conversely, I could see Brey’s enthusiasm and excitement in his smile, his clapping of his hands, and his slapping players on the back.

This reinforced for me the clear communication that comes from our non-verbal messages. Our body language, facial expressions, and actions speak very loudly. They communicate even when we are saying nothing. As leaders, we need to remember this and be aware of our non-verbal messages at all times. We can send negative, pessimistic messages to our team or we can send positive, enthusiastic messages like Mike Brey did. What non-verbal messages do you send? What messages would you like to send? Work on your body language and facial expressions this week so you can begin sending the non-verbal messages you want your team to receive.

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