One of the great things about the NCAA basketball tournament and March Madness is the story of the underdog. Every year, it seems, there is a story of a team that is not supposed to win, but somehow, they do. They upset one or more higher seeds and then advance further into the tournament than anyone thought possible. This year, that team is Wichita State. They are a number nine seed and now they are headed to the Final Four. I think it’s fair to say that no one, other than the Wichita State team and fans, thought they could make it to the last four teams in the tournament.

I heard an announcer early in the tournament talking about these underdog teams and what they must do to pull off these upsets. He said first they have to believe they can win. They have to expect to win. It starts there. If they believe they can win, they have a chance.

This is true about many things in life. Often when we face a challenge, we are defeated before we even start because we don’t believe we can succeed. These doubts prevent us from performing at our best and limit our ability to achieve results. So just like the underdogs in the NCAA tournament, it starts with believing in ourselves, our teams, and our organizations. We must expect greatness to achieve greatness. We must believe to achieve.

Think about some of the difficult challenges you are currently facing. Do you believe you can overcome them? Do you tackle them expecting to come out on top? If the answer is no, you are unlikely to succeed. Begin to change your thinking today. Even though it seems like no one else may believe in you, it starts with you. Believe in yourself. Believe in your team. And you can achieve surprising victories just like the teams in March Madness!

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