Personal Power of Leadership

I was speaking with a friend the other day who said she enjoyed reading my blog even though she was not a leader.  I interpreted this to mean that she was not in a leadership role and so it led to a discussion about position power versus personal power.

Many of us believe that the “power” to lead comes with a position on the organization chart and a job title.  But in actuality, this just gives you the authority to manage.  Leadership really comes from the personal power you have as an individual.  And as such, everyone can be a leader, even if your position in the organization does not give you much management authority.

Your personal power of leadership is conveyed through your values and behaviors.  Even though you might not have the title of a leader, you can be a leader in your organization through your work ethic, your attitude, your integrity, your teamwork, and your respect.  This is the stuff of great leaders, and it’s not reserved for people in management positions.

The distinction between personal and position power is important because it helps us understand that we all can be leaders; we don’t need to wait for the big promotion to management to be a leader.  For our organizations this is critical because we need leaders at all levels.  And when we understand that leadership comes from our personal power, we have the potential to lead from wherever we are in the organization.  So don’t worry so much about your position, practice your personal power and become a better leader to help your team and your organization.

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