The Most Successful Leaders

Forbes Magazine recently published an article entitled The Most Successful Leaders Do 15 Things Automatically, Every Day.  I found the 15 things to be quite insightful so my next series of blogs will convey these lessons from the Forbes article.

1.  Make others feel safe to speak up  – My thoughts:  Some managers use their power to intimidate and when they do, this prevents their team members from voicing their thoughts.  Successful leaders encourage all team members to speak up.  They want to hear the thoughts and opinions of others, even if they differ from their own.  These leaders understand the value of diverse opinions and don’t just make it safe for others to speak up, they encourage it.

2.  Make decisions – My thoughts:  Successful leaders make decisions.  They know that decisions will keep their team moving forward.  These leaders gather information, analyze it, and use it to make effective decisions.  These leaders also encourage their teams to make decisions.  They support the decisions their team members make and know that the organization will operate more efficiently if decisions are made at all levels, not just at the top.

3.  Communicate expectations  My thoughts:  The most successful leaders are great communicators.  They start with communicating a vision for the organization and then communicate the expectations to all team members so the team can move toward the vision.  These leaders are present among their team members and communicate often, both formally and informally.

Remember, these are things that successful leaders do every day.  So this week, try to make others feel safe to speak up, make decisions, and communicate expectations daily.

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