The Most Successful Leaders – part 2

In my last post,, I introduced the first three of 15 things that most successful leaders do automatically, every day.  These 15 things were identified in an article in Forbes Magazine.  Today, I’ll list those three and then describe the next three in detail.

1. Make others feel safe to speak up

2. Make decisions

3. Communicate expectations

4. Challenge people to think.  My thoughts: In the early 1980s the idea of a learning organization was quite popular.  These were the organizations that were constantly trying to learn and improve.  Being a learning organization was considered essential for sustaining long-term success.  When you challenge your team to think, you are also challenging them to learn.  And this learning keeps your team sharp.  It keeps your team members on the cutting edge of innovation, technology, growth, and opportunity.  The result is an organization that is creative, innovative, adaptive – an organization that is constantly learning.

5. Be accountable to others.  My thoughts:  As leaders, we often think our only responsibility, with regards to accountability, is to hold our team members accountable.  But the most successful leaders know that accountability is a two-way street.  We also need to be accountable to the team that works for us. We need to be motivating leaders who provide growth opportunities for our team members.  We need to have honest conversations about strengths and weaknesses so team members can improve.  We need to understand the goals and objectives of our team members and help them achieve those.  As a leader, we cannot expect accountability unless we can also be accountable.

6. Lead by example.  My thoughts:  I have found it to be true that organizations tend to emulate their leaders.  Therefore, leading by example is extremely important.  Your team members will do what you do.  They’ll act the way you act.  So determine how you want your organization to be and then model the example.  If you are respectful, your team will be also.  If you are ethical, your team will be as well.  If you are accountable, you’ll find that your team is too.  So model the behavior you want from your team.  Remember, as the leader you are always being watched, so set the example and your team will follow.

I’ll introduce the next three things successful leaders do automatically, every day in my next post.  Until then, practice challenging people to think, being accountable, and leading by example.  Try to do these things every day this week.

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4 thoughts on “The Most Successful Leaders – part 2

    • Thanks for the comment Liz. You are so right….many of these apply to interpersonal communication also. Much of leadership success is how well we communicate with others. They are definitely related.
      Thanks for commenting.

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