The Most Successful Leaders – part 3

This is the third of five posts that will detail the 15 things the most successful leaders do automatically, every day, according to an article in Forbes Magazine.  Below are the first six, detailed in my two most recent posts ( and, followed by the next three things the most successful leaders do.

1. Make others feel safe to speak up

2. Make decisions

3. Communicate expectations

4. Challenge people to think

5. Be accountable to others

6. Lead by example

7. Measure and reward performance.  My thoughts:  I love Peter Drucker’s phrase, “What gets measured gets done,” and I’ve found this to be very true.  When you, as the leader, decide something needs to be measured, it becomes important to your team.  The metrics become the priority.  So if you want something done, measure it.  It becomes your team’s report card and they’ll work hard to get results.  Then, if you want something repeated, celebrate it.  You see, “what gets celebrated, gets repeated.”  So first set the metric.  Determine what you are going to measure.  Then reward positive performance by celebrating it and you’ll see that it’s repeated.

8. Provide continuous feedback.  My thoughts:  Most team members want to know how they are doing and whether or not they are meeting the expectations associated with their jobs.  The most successful leaders understand this and provide continuous feedback to their team members.  These leaders don’t wait for the annual performance appraisal to provide feedback, but rather, they provide it throughout the year to keep their team members engaged and motivated.

9. Properly allocate and deploy talent.  My thoughts:  The most successful leaders are engaged with their teams and, therefore, know the strengths and weaknesses of each team member so they can deploy them in a way that makes the team most efficient.  These leaders understand that the way their talent is allocated can have a significant impact on the team’s effectiveness and, thus, they spend significant effort to make sure their organization structure and human resource allocation supports the mission of the organization.

Many of you may be doing these things in your organizations.  But do you do them automatically, every day?  Remember, according to Forbes, the most successful leaders do these things automatically, every day.  So begin measuring and rewarding performance, providing continuous feedback, and properly allocating and deploying talent every day.

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