Are you an all day person?

I know I still owe readers parts 4 and 5 of the 15 things the most successful leaders do every day, and I promise I’ll get back to that with my next post.  But today I want to share a story from my visit to the gym this morning.

While exercising this morning I overheard one of the other members asking a trainer if she was a morning person.  It was a fair question since she opens the club at 6:00 a.m. most mornings and does it nearly always with a smile and a positive attitude.  She immediately responded, “yes, I am,” but then after a brief pause she said, “no, I’m an all day person.”  What a great response!  And what a great reminder for all of us who lead organizations.

Leaders must be “all day” people.  We can’t afford to only be “on” in the mornings or the afternoons.  We have to be “on” all the time.  This is a requirement of leaders because if we are ever “off” it gives permission to our team members that they too can be “off” when they feel like it.  As leaders, we have to set the example, and in this case, the example is one of hard work and a positive attitude at all times.  So you may be asking, “How can I be on all the time?  That’s impossible.”  I would have a tough time arguing with you on this point; I am honest enough to admit that even all day people have some bad days.  But what I can tell you is that you must be on at all times when you are visible to your team.  If your team can see you, they need to see the all day you!  If you are having an off day or off moment, maybe that’s the day you stay in your office and catch up on paperwork.  You see, the important message here is that we need to be “all day” leaders, and if we ever sense we are not at our best, make sure our people don’t see it.

The other reminder I took from this morning is that our attitude is completely within our control.  This trainer is committed to being an all day person.  She made the conscious decision that she is not just a morning person and, thus, her positive attitude won’t just last for the morning, but rather it will extend all day long.  You too can decide to be an all day person.  If you consider yourself a morning person, that’s what you’ll be.  But if you decide you want to be an all day person, it is completely within your control.  Your attitude is a choice.  So choose to be an all day person.

Are you an all day person?  As a leader, you have to be.  So what is stopping you?  You choose your attitude; no one else does.  So the only thing that can be stopping you is you.  Make the decision.  Be positive and enthusiastic all day, every day.  It’s within your control.  Choose to be an all day person!  But don’t wait for a new day, start right now.

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2 thoughts on “Are you an all day person?

  1. great note Jim–it was always amazing to me when I was leading the local Mercer organization how my staff reacted to my moods–luckily I was “up” most of the time, but when down it had its’ effect


    • A great example of how the organization tends to emulate its leader. Luckily for Mercer, they had a tremendous leader to emulate. Thanks for the comment Jim.

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