The Most Successful Leaders – part 5

Here it is at long last – the final installment of the 15 things the most successful leaders do automatically, every day.  This is the fifth of five posts where I have presented these 15 things identified by Forbes Magazine.  To see details on the 12 other things that most successful leaders do every day, view these previous posts: ( and and and

1. Make others feel safe to speak up
2. Make decisions
3. Communicate expectations
4. Challenge people to think
5. Be accountable to others
6. Lead by example
7. Measure and reward performance
8. Provide continuous feedback
9. Properly allocate and deploy talent
10. Ask questions, seek counsel
11. Problem solve, avoid procrastination
12. Positive energy and attitude

13. Be a great teacher. My thoughts: When you teach, you show your team that you care about their growth and development. This can be very motivating for your team. When members of your team know that you care enough to help them achieve their goals, they will be loyal to you and work hard for you. The most effective leaders are teachers, coaches, and mentors to their teams.

14. Invest in relationships. My thoughts: Successful leaders understand the value and importance of relationships. They take time to develop and build positive relationships with staff, colleagues, partners, and superiors. These leaders focus more on others than themselves. They are successful because they know they can’t do it alone and they rely on others for help, guidance, and support.

15. Genuinely enjoy responsibilities. My thoughts: The most successful leaders love people and they love being leaders. They don’t love the power of leadership, but rather they love the ability to help people, to make life better for the people that work for them. It is this love of leadership that keeps them energized and motivated.

The most successful leaders are teachers and coaches. They teach automatically, every day. It’s natural for them to develop and coach the members of their teams. These leaders also invest in relationships because they know that leading is about people. And the most successful leaders love what they do. They love leading and genuinely enjoy teaching others and building relationships with the people around them.

I hope you will refer back to these 15 things as often as you need. Since they are done automatically, every day by the most successful leaders, you have to practice them. Work on them and make a conscious effort to make them part of your daily leadership life. This way they will become natural for you and you too will be one of the most successful leaders!

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