Choose Happiness

I was speaking with about 150 Resident Assistants (RAs) at the University of Pittsburgh today about the upcoming school year. They are a great group of students who work really hard to make sure all Pitt students have an outstanding experience living on campus. The RAs are an enthusiastic bunch with lots of energy, so it was a fun time.

Being an RA is a really tough job. So I always try to encourage them to stay positive and optimistic. Today, I shared with them the story of Omar Hernandez. If you’ve been following my blog for some time, then you may remember Omar.  It is a story that is certainly worth another read. If you are a new reader to my blog, here is the link to my original post about Omar,

This is such a great reminder that we choose our happiness and no one can take it away, unless we let them. We choose our attitude each morning when we wake up and we can choose positive and happy, or negative and pessimistic. It really is up to you. So choose happiness and then remember that nothing can take it away!

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