Thanks and Upcoming Signing Event

I just completed my first year of blogging and I want to thank you all for being loyal readers. I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts on leadership and I hope these thoughts have been beneficial for you. My purpose for blogging is to help as many people as I can to work through their leadership challenges or improve their leadership skills. Through our leadership, we have the ability to affect many lives. If we can help managers lead with positivity and a selfless concern for their employees, those employees will be more satisfied with work and, consequently, their customers will also have better experiences. In this manner, lots of lives are impacted by positive leadership!

If you do enjoy reading my blog, help me reach more people by sharing the blog with others. And ask them to subscribe by entering their email and clicking “Follow.”  I appreciate your support!

Upcoming Event
If you are in the Pittsburgh area on Sunday, January 5, please stop by Amazing Books on Liberty Avenue downtown. I’ll be signing my book, 100 Yards of Success, there from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. Amazing Books is just a block or two down Liberty Avenue (toward the point) from the Westin Convention Center Hotel. It’s a very small, privately owned book store trying to make it in the world of big retail. So if you can stop by, I’d love to see you and the owner, Eric, would be very grateful. Look for the sandwich board out front and the “Books” sign in the window.

Happy New Year and as always, thanks for reading,


2 thoughts on “Thanks and Upcoming Signing Event

  1. Jim, Congratulations on 1 year! I enjoy reading your blog and can relate and apply every topic you post. Best of luck in 2014.


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