Will practice make you perfect?

They say practice makes perfect. Well, I don’t know if I agree with that. Perfect is pretty hard to achieve. But I do believe that practice definitely makes you better.

Sports teams really grasp this idea. They have mastered the art of practice and they use every opportunity for practice to get better. Just this weekend, I tweeted (@jvearle to follow me) a picture of the Pitt basketball team conducting a walk-through in their hotel room in Orlando during the NCAA tournament. They had taped the markings of a court on the floor so the team could practice walking through plays at the hotel.

Pitt practice in hotel ballroom

Pitt practice in hotel ballroom

Athletic teams practice every chance they get and they also make the most of every practice. The most effective teams script every minute of practice. They run very organized, structured practice sessions so that not a minute is wasted. These teams have a detailed plan and specific goals they wish to achieve for every practice session.

Think now about the organization you lead. Are you practicing enough? Is training an important priority for your team? When you conduct training and development sessions do you have a clear agenda and specific goals? A good practice session starts with a good plan. Then as the leader, you must have the discipline to stick with the agenda and keep the training session focused and on schedule.

Practice won’t make you perfect. But practice will make you better. Think about the practices you are conducting for your team and consider ways to maximize their effectiveness and improve your team.

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