Lessons from My Favorite Foursome

It was a real treat this weekend when my three teenage sons took me golfing for my birthday. We woke up early Saturday and were the first ones out on the course. Our boys are very active and, unfortunately, it’s too rare that we can all get together for the same activity. It was a beautiful morning and a real fun golf outing. I have to say it’s my all-time favorite foursome!

This outing was a good reminder for me of how important “balance” is in life. Leaders work really hard. Often, it seems, the leaders are the hardest workers in an organization. So for leaders, the idea of balance is especially important. We need to take time to re-energize and to rejuvenate ourselves. We need to make time for the priorities in our lives, the things we value other than work.

I know my blog posts are normally about things like working harder, staying positive, being a better leader and making our organizations stronger. And I am really committed to all of those things because they are critical for us to be great leaders. But balanced lives also make us better leaders. When we prioritize the things we value in life, this brings us peace and allows us to be more effective leaders at work.

Make some time this week to do something you love outside of work. Check the balance in your life. Find your favorite foursome, like I did, and be reminded of the importance of spending time doing something you love with people you love.

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