Building a Positive Work Environment from @Leadershipfreak

This weekend, Dan Rockwell, aka the Leadership Freak, posted “The Sweet 16 of Positive Work Environments.”  It was such an important list I want to share it with you over the course of my next few blog posts.  I hope you enjoy the list as much as I did.

1. Develop people.
2. Know what they do best and leverage it.
3. Clearly define expectations.
4. Trust them to act.

My thoughts: Most people want to grow and develop; they want to get better. When you take the time to help them grow in the direction of their goals, they’ll be loyal and committed. This commitment improves the work environment for all. Part of developing your people is putting them in positions where they can succeed. If you know your people and what they do best, you can place them in roles where they will be most effective which has the win-win effect of helping both your team members and your organization. Once you have your team members in the right roles, clearly define the expectations and then trust them to get the job done. I have found that many times when people are underperforming in their positions, it’s because they don’t understand the expectations. They are doing their best to meet the expectations as they perceive them. Unfortunately, these expectations don’t match those of management. As leaders, it’s our job to clearly communicate performance standards so our team members understand what is expected. When we do this, we give our teams the greatest chance of succeeding.

Tune it to my next blog for more of Dan Rockwell’s Sweet 16 of Positive Work Environments!

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