Positive Work Environments from @Leadershipfreak

In last week’s blog post I started reviewing Dan Rockwell’s Sweet 16 of Positive Work Environments.  (For the first four of the sweet 16, visit last week’s post at https://jvearle.wordpress.com/2014/05/19/building-a-positive-work-environment-from-leadershipfreak/).

The next items in the sweet 16 are:

5. Support them when they fail.
6. Always give credit and take blame.  No one likes seeing a blamer.
7. Believe in them – you’re on their team.
8. Value them as individuals.

My thoughts: This week’s focus is clearly on supporting and valuing your team.  If we want a positive work environment, we need our team members to feel valued and appreciated.  When they do good things, we need to recognize them. When they fail, we need to support them.  We also need to “have their backs” when things get tough. Think about it this way, when things go wrong, managers use the word “you” and leaders use the word “we;” when things go right, managers use the word “I” and leaders use the word “you.”  Our team members know when we believe in them and when we have confidence in them.  This confident support of our team helps them to believe in themselves.  And when our teams believe, they can achieve great things. This week, build a positive work environment by supporting your team, believing in them, and making them feel valued. Team members performing in a positive work environment are more likely to achieve their goals and move your team forward in the direction of the organization’s goals.

We’ll cover more of the Sweet 16 of Positive Work Environments in my next post!

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