More of @Leadershipfreak Sweet 16 of Positive Work Environments

In my past two blogs I presented eight of @Leadershipfreak’s Sweet 16 of Positive Work Environments.  (To review these first 8, visit these two blog posts, and

Here are the next items of the Sweet 16:

9. See opportunities more than problems.
10. Help find solutions.
11. Keep out of the way.
12. Encourage, enable, and inspire.
13. Protect from bureaucracy.

My thoughts: Most people enjoy working in an environment that focuses on opportunities and solutions. They like the positive optimism that comes from turning challenges into opportunities and to finding solutions to complex problems. Most people prefer a boss that provides guidance, encouragement, and support to one that micromanages and criticizes.

So this week, try to be a solutions oriented leader. When presented with a problem or challenge, don’t worry about who is to blame. Focus on the opportunity that this challenge presents. Get your team focused on finding a positive solution and in the end your organization will come out stronger than it was before. Be encouraging and inspiring this week, even when faced with problems that challenge you and your team. Let me know if this positive work environment makes a difference for your team.

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