Final part of a Positive Work Environment from @Leadershipfreak

In today’s blog post I am presenting the final items from our list of the Sweet 16 of a Positive Work Environment. This list was created by Dan Rockwell of @Leadershipfreak to help leaders create a positive work environment.  I presented the first parts of the list in these previous posts,

14.  Don’t talk about yourself, too much.  Let people know you, however.
15.  Don’t talk on and on….
16.  Make people feel listened to by asking more than stating.
Bonus: Give others what you wish others would give you.

My thoughts: The central theme of today’s list certainly is communication. Communication is such an important part of being an effective leader. These items remind us that it’s not about us, the leaders, but rather it’s about our team members. Most team members want to feel like they have a voice and they want to be heard. When they feel that their voice matters, they feel valued and tend to be more engaged which leads to a highly motivated team member. As leaders though, we often struggle to listen. We often tell more than question. This is because we have become leaders by being highly competent and capable. As such, it can be difficult to listen or to ask questions when we know how we want things to be done.

It takes real effort to be quiet and listen. But the dividends of this effort are huge! Really make an attempt this week to not talk as much and to listen more. Make an effort to really hear what others are saying. As Stephen Covey says, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” I think this will make a big difference in your work environment. And a more positive work environment will lead to a team that is motivated and gets results. What more could a leader ask for! Have a great week building a very positive work environment.

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