A Person People Follow

Recently I heard the most simplistic yet profound definition of a leader.  The gentleman who was speaking stated, “A leader is a person people follow.”

The statement does not say they follow willingly or of their own accord, but it is assumed this is the case.  So the question is, do your people follow you because you are a leader, or because you are the boss? If they follow you because you are the person in the position of authority, then that may not necessarily make you a leader. However, if they follow you because they respect you, care about you, are loyal to you, and motivated by you, then you certainly are a leader.

Notice also that this statement mentions nothing about needing to be in a position of power to have people follow you. Perhaps in your organization you are not in a position that holds great power and authority.  You can still be a leader. Your words and actions can communicate that you are a leader regardless of the position you hold in the organization.  The only requirement for being a leader is being a person people follow.

If you want to be a leader, work on being a person people follow.  Be passionate and enthusiastic about your organization and your team.  Care about the people you work with.  Care about your customers.  Be positive and optimistic.  Be courageous. Be strong and resilient.  Be kind and respectful.  Be helpful to others as they strive to achieve their goals and dreams. This certainly sounds like a person I would follow and I imagine others would agree.  And these are all things you can do. Yes, there will be some challenges, but none of these things are extremely hard.  Being a person that people follow is a very achievable thing.  So start now and carry your momentum right into the new year!

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