I Value You and Appreciate You – Powerful #Leadership Words

I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful group of people this past week. I was asked to do a keynote speech and a leadership and customer service training workshop; so I spent nearly a whole day working with approximately 200 leaders of this particular organization.

I learned pretty quickly that this group was very special. Shortly after I arrived to the room where I was delivering the keynote speech, individuals started coming in and there was an instant buzz in the room. Individuals interacted with each other and there was this positive energy that was both contagious and impressive. I remember thinking that this energy explains why this organization is so successful! And they are a very successful organization, nationally recognized for their service and performance.

Before my speech, their leader addressed the group and I found out why there was so much energy in the room. Their leader was positive, enthusiastic, sincere, and thoughtful.  She ended her welcome speech by telling her team, “I value you and appreciate all you do for us and our [customers].”

I was reminded at this moment of two important leadership lessons. First, as I’ve written before, organizations tend to emulate their leaders. And this in fact is an organization that has taken on the characteristics of its leader–enthusiastic, caring, positive, and collaborative. Second, the words “I value and appreciate you” are meaningful and effective. When our team members know that we value and appreciate them, they will work hard for us and be loyal to us.

Be the leader you want your team to be. Since they’ll emulate you, live the values, behaviors, and characteristics you want your organization to have.  And take time to show that you care. Communicate to your team how much you value and appreciate the effort they give to make your organization successful.

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