3 Simple Questions from @ESPNDrLou

College Football Hall of Fame coach Lou Holtz identified three questions that would determine your success or failure.

1) Can people trust you to do your best?

2) Are you committed to the task at hand?

3) Do you care about other people and show it?

These three questions are especially important for leaders.  As leaders, our team members need to trust us to do our best; they need to know that we are committed to getting the job done; and they need to know we care about them. These three things seem pretty easy.  So it’s surprising that so few leaders can answer “yes” to all three.  Be a leader that answers yes.  But more importantly, be a leader that models these behaviors for your team.  Don’t just answer yes.  Walk the walk.  Always do your best.  Be committed.  Show that you care.  These actions will help you to be a more successful leader.

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