Be Unstoppable!

“How are you?”  It’s a question we get asked many times each day.  Many of us don’t really even think about our response.  We just say, “I’m good, how are you?” We give neither tremendous thought nor sincerity to our response.

I was reading the other day about a store clerk who gave a unique response to this question.  When the customer said, “How are you today?”, this clerk responded “Unstoppable!”  Because this was not the typical response we get from this common, everyday question, the customer was stopped in her tracks.

What a great response.  It’s full of confidence and optimism, of hope and resiliency, of positivity and dreaming. Coincidentally, these are also qualities of great leaders.  Therefore, it’s not too much of a stretch to suggest that great leaders have unstoppable attitudes.

Think about your response to the simple question, “How are you?”  What image do you want to convey with your response?  Be original in your response and at the same time, convey a message of strong leadership.

Have a great week.  Go out there and be UNSTOPPABLE!

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