A Definition of Leadership That Can Change the World from Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is a speaker and author who promotes inspirational leadership. In a recent talk, I heard him define leadership in a very unique way: “The very definition of leadership is not your ability to get people to do things. The very definition of leadership is to offer safety and protection to those in your care so they feel so safe in the environment in which they live and work that they would voluntarily offer their blood, sweat, and tears to see your intent, your vision, and your goals advanced. They would volunteer to do that because they know you would do it for them.”

As the leader of your organization, how are you doing with regard to Sinek’s definition? Are you offering safety and protection to your team? Are you creating an environment so safe that your team voluntarily works hard to advance toward the vision? Does your team follow you willingly and passionately?

I’d like you to do two things this week: 1) Work on creating this safe environment for your team, and 2) Share this definition with every leader you know. If we can spread this idea and get leaders focused on providing safety and protection for their teams, we can start to change the world!

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4 thoughts on “A Definition of Leadership That Can Change the World from Simon Sinek

  1. As always, this is a fantastic and wonderful insight. There are great people in sports like the young golfer, Jordan Spieth, who shows the way for his contemporaries. We need to share the gifts we have to help make tomorrow’s world a better place. Will Hoel

  2. Thanks for your comment Will. I know how much time you devote to college students, sharing your gifts, to make tomorrow better for them. I appreciate you reading and commenting.

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