A Millenial’s Thoughts on Millenials and Leadership

I am proud to present a guest post from Max Polec. Max is a student leader at the University of Pittsburgh. I asked him to present some thoughts on the millenial generation and leadership. I am certain you will enjoy reading Max’s post below and encourage you to visit his site at maxpolec.com.

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TITLE: “Don’t be a ‘Blockbuster’”

As a millennial, I do believe that our generation does prefer certain leadership styles.  I will showcase these leadership styles through a short explanation of three components that are key factors as to why millennials desire the leadership styles that they do and how it is ultimately shaping leadership culture as we know it.


Millennials have grown up with technology and we are very accustomed to social media, tweeting, texting, and posting online.  Noting that millennials are so plugged into technology, you begin to see a shift in leadership. No longer are we doing back and forth emails to work on a business idea, but we are now using programs like Google Docs where we can edit a document and share our input in real-time while others also have the freedom to do so.  Technology was a mere infant at the time when millennials were being born and now they both are growing together almost as though they are life-long best friends.


We live in a world today where a degree does not guarantee you anything except debt.  Millennials know this fact and it keeps many of them up at night worrying about what their future holds if they live in a time where they have no clue where society will be by the end of next week.  This has taught the millennials that they need to be innovative, flexible, and creative in order to stand a chance in today’s market. And that is exactly what is happening.  Look at the sudden spark in Startup companies around the globe with the founders being 20-somethings or younger.  Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, Apple and Steve Jobs, Snapchat and Evan Spiegel.  The list is enormous!  The millennial generation is pushing the limits by achieving business successes that were never deemed possible for people at such a young age.


Lastly, with the ever expanding technology and competitiveness of the millennial generation, it should not be much of a surprise that if you are a current leader who is not keeping up with the latest technology or pushing for new and innovative ways to grow your company: you will be left behind.  Millennials move quickly, millennials flex to fit the needs of a constantly changing population, and millennials are attracted to the next big thing that will revolutionize the world as we know it.  If your company does not have a plan on how to include and best work with millennials, your days are numbered.  The proof is there with Blockbuster falling into bankruptcy after failing to compete with Netflix.  Don’t be a “Blockbuster”.

This is a brief outlook on the topic of millennials and leadership.  I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed reading this post.  It has been an honor to be featured on Dr. Jim Earle’s website.  I publish content about leadership, business, and personal development on my website that can be found at maxpolec.com!  I would love it if you took some time to check it out and follow it; thank you!


4 thoughts on “A Millenial’s Thoughts on Millenials and Leadership

  1. Interesting thoughts, but is Steve Jobs a “millennial”? If he were still alive, he would be 60 now. Yes, miniature computer tech and, primarily the speed of communication, are new, but innovation and “technology” created by 20-somethings is not. Edison made several improvements to the telegraph plus invented the phonograph before he turned 30. Look at Einstein. His best work was done in his mid-20s.

  2. Thanks for your comments Keith. Always appreciate your thoughtful insights. You make good points. I think Max was using Steve Jobs and Apple because Jobs paved the way for other 20 somethings to have the courage to pursue technology startups. People of our generation sometimes forget that the millennials may not even know who Edison was or what Einstein is known for, other than being very smart. So Jobs played an important role in serving as an example for the millennials of what was possible through the same type of innovation displayed by the likes of Edison, Einstein, and others.

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