Culture is King When it Comes to Championship Teams

Can the leader really make a difference? This is a question I am frequently asked when I speak with groups about leadership. My answer is always a resounding yes! Yes, the leader most certainly can make a difference.

Just look at the number of sports teams that have made dramatic turnarounds when they get a new coach. When this personnel change occurs in the middle of the season, and the team improves, it is almost certainly a result of new leadership since all other factors, including the players, remain the same. There are, of course, similar leadership success stories for corporations, schools, non-profits, and all types of organizations.

Often times, leaders make a difference by changing the culture of the organization. They model behaviors that they want their team members to emulate – things like respect, teamwork, accountability, work ethic, and resiliency. When leaders model these behaviors, they give team members permission and encouragement to also behave this way. Gradually, as more and more in the organization adopt these behaviors, the culture begins to change. Many times, this change in culture is what is needed to take an under-performing group and make it a championship team.

As a leader, remember that you do matter. You can make the difference. Model the behaviors you want your organization to emulate. Model championship behaviors and you will develop a championship team!

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