Leading to an Extraordinary Destiny

C.S. Lewis was an author, novelist, poet, and academic who is best known for his series of books, The Chronicles of Narnia. I must admit, other than possessing a cursory knowledge of the Narnia books, I am not especially familiar with Lewis or his works.

But when I saw this quote from C.S. Lewis recently, I was compelled to use it in my blog. Lewis once wrote: “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”

It seems that when we face hardships, challenges, and obstacles we naturally tend to focus on the moment. We are so consumed by the hardship it is difficult for us to see beyond the present. Lewis encourages us to see that hardships are part of life’s journey, and when we work through them, they often times prepare us for even greater triumphs later on in life. The hardships make us tougher, stronger, more determined, more resilient, more persistent. And these qualities help us to do extraordinary things. The hardships are part of the process that shape us and mold us and prepare us to do the extraordinary.

As leaders, we need to stay positive in the face of extreme hardships. We need to have optimism that the tough times are preparing us, our organizations, and our teams for an even greater destiny. So when the challenges come your way (and they surely will!), persevere, and remember that hardships prepare you and your team for an extraordinary destiny!

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