Happy Birthday Leadership

I wished “Happy Birthday” to a friend earlier this month. It was in the afternoon of her special day so she had already received plenty of good wishes from friends and colleagues. She thanked me for the call and said “wouldn’t it be nice if we treated people like it was their birthday everyday.”

It did get me to thinking about the special effort we make to be kind during certain times of the year. Birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays always seem to bring out the best in people. But wouldn’t the world be such a better place if we could treat people with kindness and warmth every single day?

As leaders, we have the responsibility to be kind and good at all times. It can be a burden, but it is what we “signed up for” when we agreed to lead. We have to choose positivity, optimism, kindness, and goodness each day. When we do, we make work a better place for the team members we lead; our team members can then make life better for the customers they serve. This is the real power of leadership; as leaders we have the power to impact the lives of others. When we make lives better, we are truly using our gift of leadership.

So spread some birthday cheer this week. Treat your team members as if it is their birthday, and see if you notice more positivity in your work culture. I think you will and I know that this uplifting environment will make life better for your team members and customers.

“Happy Birthday” and Thanks for reading,


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