Go Ahead and Outwork Them

Ben Hogan, the former professional golfer, once said, “If you can’t outplay them, outwork them.” And Ben certainly outworked his share of opponents. Hogan won nine major championships and is one of just five golfers in history to win every major at least once.

Amazingly, six of Hogan’s major victories came after a life-threatening car accident at the age of 36. After this head-on collision, doctors feared that Hogan would never walk again. Hogan defied all odds, missed just one season of golf, and came back to win the player of the year award in his first season back playing.

There will always be competitors who can “outplay” us. There will always be obstacles and challenges that have the potential to defeat us. These are the times we need to dig in, believe in ourselves, and work hard to get it done. We cannot control how skillful our competitors are or how difficult the challenges will be; but we can control how hard we work. Don’t underestimate the power of hard work. Ben Hogan achieved tremendous success due to his hard work. You can too. Go outwork them all this week and for the weeks to come!

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