The Power of the Morning Mantra

I’m curious to know if any of you start your day with a morning mantra. According to Katie Rosenbrock of, a morning mantra is “a positive statement that’s repeated – either silently or out loud – that allows you to focus on positive and optimistic emotions.”

A positive morning mantra is important because it sets the tone for the day and it keeps negative thoughts from entering your mind. The positive thoughts from a morning mantra are also critical for helping us to achieve our goals.

Rosenbrock interviewed Dr. Nicole Martinez who provided some examples of morning mantras:

Everyday I will make small steps towards big goals.

Today, I am going to expect progress, not perfection.

Being positive is being productive.

Never underestimate yourself.

What makes you happy, will make you motivated.

Feel free to try one of these mantras or make one of your own. Start each day with a positive morning mantra and repeat it several times. These positive thoughts will help to keep negative thoughts out and keep you positive and optimistic.

The most effective leaders are positive and optimistic. So use the idea of a morning mantra to help you lead your team to great success.

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3 thoughts on “The Power of the Morning Mantra

  1. Jim, I try to remember to leave myself a note about something positive about a person or topic that I can read in the morning while starting my new day. I agree we all benefit from a starter to the new day. It is interesting how we tend to forget the
    matters that were an inspiration to us that we can utilize when we get up and get moving.

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