Lessons from a High School Musical – Part 2

I know in my last post I said I would be presenting additional lessons from Clemson University’s Dabo Swinney, but I’ve decided to postpone those so I could bring you what seems like it may become an annual high school musical leadership lesson. (Here is a link to last year’s lesson in case you missed it Leadership Lessons from a High School Musical).

The final show of this year’s musical, Cinderella, was today. The final show always brings mixed emotions, but today was especially tough as our son in the show is a senior. So this was not only the final show of the year, but also of his high school career.

I think my favorite part of each night is actually after the show when the cast greets the audience out in the foyer leading to the auditorium. After greeting adoring fans and supportive friends and family, the cast inevitably starts to gather in groups for pictures. They take pictures with friends in the cast and friends from school. Night after night….same routine. Six public shows, six times of getting together for photos. It’s a very happy and cheerful time as the actors and actresses celebrate another show.

As my frequent readers know, sports have been an important part of my life and I often write about the great leadership lessons we learn from sports. But the problem with sports is there is always a winner and a loser. Half of the participants after a game are sad and dejected. In the world of high school musicals, everyone wins. Sure, some kids don’t get the part they want and things don’t always seem fair. But these kids take the role they get and make the most of it. They play their parts to the best of their abilities for the good of the show. And in the end, they produce an amazing production because everyone is unselfishly working toward the same goal – a great show for the crowd. In the end, everyone wins.

Thanks to these talented young people, I’m reminded that if you love what you do, have the courage to pursue it with passion, are unselfishly committed to the team, and focus, not on winning, but on being the best you can be, you have a really great shot at achieving your goals.

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