A Championship Coach Says Love, Serve, and Care

I saved the last of my Dabo Swinney themed posts for the message that surprised me the most when I heard him speak. (If you missed my previous two posts about the Clemson University football coach, visit these links: Making the Most of Your Opportunities  and  Great Leaders and Great Culture.)


We learned already that culture is very important to Dabo Swinney, the coach who is responsible for revitalizing the Clemson football program.  It wasn’t, however, the emphasis on culture that surprised me; it was a tool Swinney uses to develop the culture that caught me by surprise.

“Love is the key to coaching,” said Dabo Swinney. “You have to love ’em [your players]. You gotta love, serve, and care if you want your team to do these things. Look for ways to love deeper, serve greater, and care more.”

This was a college football coach talking about loving his players! I had never heard a college football coach talk about love and caring. And he was talking about modeling this behavior for his team so that they could love and care for each other. So if a very successful football coach says that it works for him, with his big and tough football players, think what it can do for us and our teams.

Love is not just the key to coaching. Love is also the key to leadership. If, as leaders of our teams and organizations, we look for ways to love deeper, serve greater, and care more, we have a great chance of developing “championship” teams!

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