The Passion of the Warriors

I first wrote about Brad Stevens back in 2013 when he was named head coach of the Boston Celtics basketball team. I was impressed with how Stevens emphasized building relationships with his players as his top priority upon taking the job. If you missed it you can read it here, Celtics Coach Teaches Us About Building Relationships. (I also wrote about Stevens earlier this year when he displayed sincere compassion for a former player who was dying of cancer, Brad Stevens Teaches Important Leadership Lessons.)

Last night, Stevens and his Boston Celtics defeated the Golden State Warriors and snapped the Warriors’ 54 game home winning streak. It was a huge win for Stevens and his team.

Ironically, just a week ago an article in reported on the one trait Stevens would take for his team from the Warriors. When asked, Stevens said he would take the passion with which the Warriors play the game. “If I talk about anything we want to emulate from them, I don’t talk about style of play, I don’t talk about being able to drop-kick 30 points off 3-pointers, we don’t talk about that stuff. We talk about, just look at the passion they have. They enjoy playing basketball…..there’s a lot of smiling, there’s a lot of enjoyment.”

Passion and enthusiasm really are critical for success in any endeavor. When leaders show passion it is contagious, and often, it spreads through the team. You’ll know when your team catches that enthusiasm because they’ll be smiling and showing lots of enjoyment. And teams that perform with enjoyment have great success. Just look at the Warriors for proof; then go out this week and encourage your team to perform with passion and enthusiasm.

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