Leicester City Shows the Power of Teamwork

Last week, Leicester (pronounced Lester) City clinched first place in the English Premier League. This is the soccer league in England that features many of the world’s greatest players and teams. It was an amazing season for Leicester City who was picked to finish near the bottom of the standings and had odds of 5,000-1 against winning the league. To say they were the surprise of the league would be a significant understatement.


Leicester City is proof that individuals who play together as a team can defeat individuals with more skill who don’t play as a team. In fact, many of Leicester City’s players, earlier in their careers, were deemed not good enough to play in the Premier League. But teams that come together can accomplish incredible things. And that is what Leicester City did this season.

“Of all the factors, the most imperative has been the team spirit,” said one former Leicester player. “The players don’t talk about themselves. It’s a collective effort – ‘we’ve got the spirit and the will to win.'”

Does your organization have this team spirit? Are your team members more committed to the team’s goals than their individual goals or accolades? If you can get this collective effort and the spirit and the will to win, your team is destined to exceed expectations, just like Leicester City.

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