Build Culture by Saying ‘Thank you’

I read an article last week titled, “A quick way to boost employee engagement: Say ‘thank you’.” The gist of the article was that showing gratitude is important for employee engagement, but it does not have to be elaborate and expensive; a simple thank you goes a long way.

While I fully support the idea of the article, it is a bit disappointing that someone had to write an article suggesting that managers should say thank you to their teams. Shouldn’t this be assumed? Wouldn’t you think that someone who has risen to a leadership role would already know that it’s important to say thank you for work well done?

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are many managers who don’t seem to understand the impact they can have on the organization’s culture. These managers take their team members for granted and fail to show them appreciation for the work they do.

Conversely, the most effective leaders know that team members are more loyal and committed when they work in an environment of appreciation.  The article states, “Managers must foster an environment in which employees’ talents and efforts are celebrated. An easy way to express that recognition is by just saying ‘thank you.’ Employees who feel appreciated are motivated to perform better.”

So try to make ‘thank you’ an important part of your leadership communication this week. Make sure your team members feel appreciated for the work they do. You’ll also be ‘thanked’ with a team that is more motivated and energized to reach your organization’s goals.

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