Even Leaders Make Mistakes

We all make mistakes. Yes, even leaders make mistakes. And the most effective leaders are able to recognize when they make mistakes, and they are secure enough to admit when they happen.

Author and speaker, Jon Gordon, identifies 3 mistakes that leaders commonly make:

  1. They don’t confront negativity.
  2. They stop focusing on their culture.
  3. They don’t communicate enough.

Think about these common leadership mistakes and whether or not you are making them. Are you confronting the negativity in your organization? If not, you risk it spreading like a cancer through your team. Do you continuously focus on culture? Remember, culture eats strategy for breakfast, and if you neglect your organizational culture, not even the best strategy in the world will save you. Do you communicate openly and often? It is communication that keeps your team members feeling valued and engaged.

Leaders do make mistakes; and although the mistakes listed here are common among leaders, they certainly are not the only ones that leaders make.  Think about mistakes you might be making with your team. Acknowledge them, learn from them, and try to minimize them so your team and organization can thrive.

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