Service Starts with the First Impression

While on vacation a couple of weeks ago, we had the unfortunate luck of getting a screw stuck in the tire of our vehicle. Fortunately, though, I heard a peculiar noise in the tire while driving and we were able to get this taken care of quickly.

I called a few tire and auto repair shops to see if anyone could assist. This exercise reminded me how important the first impression is with customers. The first couple places I called were not very welcoming at all. They seemed very busy and gave me a quick, “We’re too busy, sorry.” Another responded, “Not now, but bring it in this afternoon and we’ll take a look.” This response came even after I told them we were planning on leaving the beach to drive back home that afternoon!

I was lucky that my next call to ‘Bout Time Auto went much better. The gentleman who answered the phone, whom I later found out was the owner, was very pleasant and helpful. He told me to come in right away and he would squeeze me in. He gave me directions to his place and assured me he would take care of me. I felt really good about finding him, and I hadn’t even seen his place of business.

When I got to ‘Bout Time Auto, they did not disappoint. The actual service was as good as I had anticipated after our brief phone conversation. The owner and his wife were there with just one other young worker. They squeezed me in between other more extensive repairs, pulled the screw, plugged the hole, and got me on my way. When I asked what I owed, he said, “There’s no charge. If you want to tip the young man that would be enough.” Like a great leader the owner was most concerned about taking care of his employee.

How is your first impression with your customers? That initial greeting can make all the difference about how your organization is perceived. So, take some time to check your first impression. Be sure it’s warm and welcoming, and you’ll be off to a great start at keeping your customers satisfied and, most importantly, coming back for more!

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