Make This Day a Great One

Months ago I wrote a post about the morning mantra. (You can read it again at this link, The Power of the Morning Mantra.) Since that time I’ve been searching for what my morning mantra might be.

I’m excited to report that I think I found it this week! I was leaving the gym and telling some friends and the staff there to have a great day. I’m not sure why, but it came out as, “We only get one August 4, 2016, so make it a great one!”

When I thought more about this I realized that maybe over the years I’ve gotten into thinking that each year the dates are the same so August 4 will come again. But on this particular day, I realized that we will actually never get another August 4, 2016. That is the only one we have a chance to enjoy, to fully live, and to make great.

Now, each morning, I use this as my morning mantra to remind me that we only get one chance at this day, and we really should try to make it great for us and others. So if you are reading this today, remember, “we only get one August 7, 2016, so make it a great one!”

I hope you are able to find your morning mantra. And I hope it helps you make every day a great day!

Thanks for reading,


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