Just Try Harder

A friend told me a great story the other day. She was describing to me how crazy life was at the moment – work was very busy and stressful, she was taking a class that meant lots of work, and her kids of course needed their mother for all kinds of things. She was so stressed she decided to call the one person she knew would lend a sympathetic ear….her mother.

When she called her mom and told her all the things that were stressing her out, her mother replied with, “Try harder.” Her mom reminded her how capable she was and told her that maybe she just needed to try harder.  Her mom went on to say that she could cry with her or she could tell her to quit, but neither of those things would help her to succeed.

If we want to succeed, quitting is not an option. But trying harder certainly is.

As leaders, we often face difficult and challenging situations. At times, we’ll even think about quitting.  It is during these times that I hope you think about my friend and her mom. I hope you are reminded that quitting doesn’t help us succeed, but trying harder does. In these difficult times, I hope you’ll just try harder.

Thanks for reading,


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3 thoughts on “Just Try Harder

  1. Jim,

    Hope you and yours are well brother!

    Each time I read your blog, I see your face, I remember your brilliance and the person that I will always think of as I life long special friend. That goes for Rick, Randy and the special mother Mis MaryLou…and the man who helped make all of us. CVE

    Reading today’s blog made me think of situations that I face, today. Trying harder is definitely important and respectfully I would like to add to that thought.

    First, we can work as hard as we possibly can and with no change in result. As I’ve been told, doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different approach is insanity. On the flip side, if we consider making minor changes to our approach, and work “smarter,” working harder might even be easier.

    When I decided to go back to grad school several years ago, I decided that –

    – My team would become my extended family for two years and beyond. – Time blocking was essential for study. – Conversation with Boss about ever other Friday, no contact was key. – it was necessary to adjust business process to fit my needs

    I worked harder than ever and, “SMARTER, was the key for me.


    Sent from my iPad

    Ira Cox Husband, Father, Friend,


    • Excellent thoughts as usual Ira. Thanks for adding to the discussion. You are correct, harder is good, but smarter is even better.
      Always great to hear from you. Hope to see you soon!

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