Be Where Your Feet Are

In the book Fish!, authors Lundin, Paul, and Christensen talk about “being present” as an important part of customer service. This idea means being more than just physically present; it means being fully invested, mentally and emotionally, in your interactions with customers.

Clint Hurdle, manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates major league baseball team, talks about the importance of being present as a leader. He refers to it as “Being where your feet are.”

Think about the times when you, as a leader, may have been physically “there” with a member or members of your team, but your mind was somewhere else. Maybe you were worried about a project you had to get done or a pressing issue that needed your attention. You were physically there talking with a team member, but your mind was wandering off to another pressing need. As leaders, we have so many burdens that require our attention, it is easy for this to happen.

So when you find your mind getting distracted from the conversation with a team member due to the other important issues at hand, get refocused and remind yourself to “Be where your feet are.” Being present, being where your feet are, tells our team members that they are important, that we value their input, and that we care about their needs. This ultimately leads to willing and passionate followers and a team that is ready to accomplish great things!

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2 thoughts on “Be Where Your Feet Are

  1. Great insight Jim, especially in an age where people can let their smartphones control their environment. Keeping your mind within the three dimensions of the space you are in is so critical when when your role there is being the leader.

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