Be a Leader Who Serves

I appreciate when my readers send me ideas for blog posts. It’s nice to get new ideas, but it also is confirmation that my blog is reaching leaders and encouraging them to think about their leadership. This motivates me to keep writing and to stay committed to my mission to help leaders maximize their leadership potential.

Recently, a loyal reader sent me this quote, “Leaders who serve will serve as good leaders.”  I like this quote because it is an easy way for us to remember the importance of servant leadership.  Leaders who practice servant leadership put their team members first. To these leaders, leading is about serving and helping those on their teams. Servant leaders are not concerned about power, fame, fortune, or personal recognition. For servant leaders, the number one priority is serving the people they lead.

Most of our team members respond positively to servant leadership. And why wouldn’t they? Of course it’s great to work for a leader who puts her team first. This is why leaders who serve, serve as good leaders. Their teams tend to follow them willingly and passionately, which is one sign of a truly effective leader.

So this week, think about serving as a good leader by being a leader who serves.

Thanks for reading,

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