Clemson’s Key to Success: A Culture of Joy and Serving Hearts

After leading his Clemson Tigers football team to the college football National Championship last week, starting quarterback Deshaun Watson was asked what makes Clemson’s program so special, so unique. Watson responded, “You know, it just starts with the man that was just sitting here, Coach Swinney. It’s just all about joy, and it’s not all about football. It’s about being the best man you can be, the best student you can be, and I feel like football comes last……. It’s more than just putting on the helmet and shoulder pads and going out there playing. He cares about the heart. It just starts from there and the culture and just kind of spreads throughout the program.”

Wide receiver Hunter Renfrow, chimed in with this: “Yeah, I think Deshaun hit the nail on the head saying football is last at Clemson. I think Coach Swinney really does try to serve our hearts instead of our talents. I know we’ve said that before. And I think that’s why he’s so special and that’s why he’s the greatest coach in college football.”

In his post-game interview, Head Coach Dabo Swinney said this, “…the difference in the game was gonna be love…we are going to win this game because we love each other.”

It is amazing what a team can do when they are selfless and committed to each other, when they love each other. And when the leader creates a culture of joy by serving the hearts of his or her team members, team members can love each other and great things happen.

Be a leader who creates a culture of joy, who cares about the heart, who cares about the individual more than the talents. Your team will be loyal and committed and will accomplish great things when they know how much you care. This approach led Clemson to the National Championship game last year and to the National Championship title this year. So why not give it a try and see what it can do for your team? I expect it will lead your team to championship performance as well!

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2 thoughts on “Clemson’s Key to Success: A Culture of Joy and Serving Hearts

  1. Coach Swinney has broken the code. He doesn’t just have kids with individual talents but a culture that emphasizes team and caring. Boy will DeeShaun have an adjustment if he goes to the Browns

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