Hiring Advice from a Championship Coach

Before coaching the New England Patriots to their exciting Super Bowl victory over the Atlanta Falcons,  Bill Belichick sat down with Jimmy Johnson of Fox Sports for an interview. During the interview Johnson asked, “You take some players that no one has ever heard of. What are the critical things you look for in bringing in a player?” Belichick’s response is one that may benefit all leaders when we are hiring new team members. Belichick said he looks for three things, “Love of football, hard work, unselfish.”

These three things are the most critical to Belichick, who some consider to be the greatest football coach of all time. He obviously knows a thing or two about bringing in talent. So when you are looking for new team members, take the advice of this five-time Super Bowl champion head coach. Find people who are passionate and love what they do. Look for evidence of a great work ethic. Make sure you bring on team members who are unselfish, who care more about the team than their individual accomplishments or accolades. If you follow these three simple thoughts, you’ll be on your way to building your own championship team!

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