Life it Up!

I’ve written about the power of enthusiasm before and those of you who are regular readers know that I believe enthusiasm is one of the most important qualities for effective leadership. David Schwartz, author of The Magic of Thinking Big, supports this idea by writing, “In everything you do, life it up.”

I love this idea of “life it up.” When we life up everything we do – our walk, our talk, our smile – we announce to the world that we are full of the vibrancy of life. We have a passion and enthusiasm for being alive and we share it with others.

For all of us, there will be times when we just don’t feel like we can life it up. At these times, we need to re-energize and this requires that we have an understanding of what activities give us life. What are your life-giving activities? What things at work give you life and energy? What are the things outside of work that get you excited and full of life?

My life-giving activities are things like, writing this blog, coaching soccer, being with my family, and collaborating with my awesome team at work. These are the things that re-energize me, that motivate me, that give me excitement and enthusiasm for life. These activities are life-giving for me and help me to life up everything I do.

What are your life-giving activities? You’ll know because these are the activities that make you feel positive, enthusiastic, and alive. Once you know what they are, you can beĀ intentional about doing these activities more often and bringing more energy to your life.

This week, take time to identify your life-giving activities and then, “In everything you do, life it up.”

Thanks for reading,


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