How to Love Your Team

When I speak to leaders, I often refer to Dabo Swinney’s philosophy that says great leaders “love, serve, and care.” I remind the audience that if Swinney, the head football coach at Clemson University, can talk about love to his rough and tough football players, we all should be able to talk about love with the members of our teams.

One question I often get is, “what is an appropriate way to show our team members that we love them?” This is a great question. And to answer it, I am going to refer to Jon Gordon’s, The Energy Bus, in which he identifies “5 Ways to Love Your Passengers.”

  1. Make Time for Them
  2. Listen to Them
  3. Recognize Them
  4. Serve Them
  5. Bring Out the Best in Them

These 5 things seem pretty easy. But we must be intentional about them. Unfortunately, loving our team members often gets lost in the myriad of problems and challenges that we face each day. As leaders, we must make these 5 simple things a priority. When we use these, our team members become more passionate and willing followers and we become more effective leaders.

Think about these 5 ways to love your team members and start using them today!

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