Using Your Growth Mindset to Succeed

Norman Ralph Augustine, a U.S. aerospace businessman, once said, “Motivation will almost always beat mere talent.” I agree with Augustine; hard work, determination, and commitment can help you accomplish amazing things. And, conversely, it is not uncommon for very talented individuals, or teams, to underachieve because they fail to work hard. They lack motivation, and as a result, fail to achieve their full potential.

But not everyone believes Augustine’s quote. Some people think that talent always wins and no matter how hard you work, if you aren’t as talented, you just can’t succeed. In his book, How to Live a Good Life, Jonathan Fields talks about this in terms of a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. If you believe that people are born with certain talents and that these talented people will always come out on top, then you aren’t motivated to work harder. Fields calls this a fixed mindset. But if you think that hard work is the key to success, you are motivated to learn and grow and become better because you know your hard work will pay off. According to Fields, this is a growth mindset.

Fields also notes that people with the fixed mindset tend to struggle when they face adversity. This is because they don’t think their hard work will help them overcome adversity. They think that their talent is predetermined and they can only overcome adversity if they have the talent to do so. Individuals with a growth mindset, however, know that if they work hard and are motivated, they can overcome the challenge and find success.

So which mindset are you?

A growth mindset can help you get through adversity. It also is a hopeful mindset because, with it, you believe that hard work and dedication will lead to better things. Think about your mindset, if it is fixed, try to get it GROWing by thinking of the times that hard work has led to great things for you or the teams you know! Get it GROWing by trusting that your hard work will lead to success. Give it a try; I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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