Selfless Leadership from Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard is a star player for the Portland Trail Blazers of the National Basketball Association. He is also an unselfish leader who cares a lot about the people in the Blazers organization.

The Trail Blazers made it to the playoffs this season, but were eliminated in the first round. Although I am sure they were disappointed about losing in the playoffs so early, Lillard knew he still had work to do. After the loss, Lillard convinced his teammates that they should all donate their playoff bonuses to the support staff that helps the players every day. Lillard explained his reasoning like this, “We divide our playoff shares to give to the people who we work so closely with because they spend as much time away from their families as we do…..They also do as much as possible to make our lives easier, even if it makes theirs more difficult – all while making far less. So it’s a further way of showing appreciation beyond a thank you or a handshake.”

As leaders, it is important that we care about people at all levels of our organization. Although we may tend to focus on the people we interact with most often, we should be intentional about getting out and engaging all members of the team.  And as leaders, it is our responsibility to model selfless and caring behavior if we want our team members to be selfless and caring.

Damian Lillard provides a great example of selfless and caring leadership. Although he is an all-star player, he remembers the people working in less glamorous positions who help him every day. Think about the people who support you every day. Then make time to show your thanks and appreciation for the work they do to make you look good.

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