Positive Talk for the One You Talk to Most

Last week, a team member retired from our department after 33 years of service. He is an incredible person, a great worker but also a real leader who is respected by all. It will be difficult to replace him, not just his technical abilities but more importantly what he did for our culture and morale.

In his goodbye speech to our department, which was motivating and encouraging as usual, he asked our team members this question: “Who do you talk to most?” After a moment, he gave us the answer, “The person you talk to most, is yourself. And this is why it’s important to be positive, so that you are always telling yourself positive things.”

I had never really thought about this before. But I think he is right. We do talk to ourselves more than anyone else. So thinking positive thoughts and using positive self-talk really can make a difference. It will improve our attitude, our resilience, our happiness, and even our interpersonal skills. Why not give it a try? Really, what do you have to lose? As I wrote back in January of 2016 (Positive Thoughts Help You to Be the Best You Can Be), positive thinking won’t allow you to do anything, but it will allow you to do everything better than what negative thinking will allow!

So this week, give positive self-talk a try. Be sure as you are talking to the person you talk to most (yourself!) that it’s positive and encouraging. The result is that you’ll be more positive, motivated, and energized. And a positive, motivated, and energized leader is tough to beat!

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